Hanusch (Hamisch) in Galveston Texas

Searching Information from this Oldrich Alois Hanusch

He came 1909 with this Ship Breslau from Bremen to Galveston

Microfilm from his Arrival

Thanks Shelly Kelly from the Rosenberg Library Galveston for this Microfilm

Oldrich Alois Hanusch arrived on the Ship Breslau 13. August 1909 in Galveston

Age: 17
Ocupation: Clerk
Nationality: Bohemian
Race or People: Bohemian
Last Residence: Chotebor, Bohemia
Name or Address for Relative or Friend in County when Alien came:
Mother Karolina Hanusch, Wien IX, Schulz-Straßnitzkygasse 14
Final Destination: Morristown Arizona
Do you have an Ticket to the Final Destination: No
Who paid for Passage: Self
How much Money if under 50$: 28$
Who you are joining in the United States:
Brother Albrecht Hanusch, Florentine .... Morristown Arizona
Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
Color of Hair: brown
Color of Eyes: brown
Marks of Identification: none
Place of Birth: 13. August 1892, Chotebor, Bohemia

He had by his Arrival pink Eyes and was therefore in an Hospital.

News from the archive in Vienna March 2002:

He traveled back from America to Austria among 1909 - 1910.

Below is an registration from Ulrich Hanusch in Vienna. He was notified there from 07. 11. 1910 - 27. 06. 1916.
The registration said, he was a single and from the occupation servant. His residence after 1916 was seeming Munnich (München) where he died 2. Feb 1970 and was later buried in Vienna (Wien).

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