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The 1890 Census from my gggrandfather Josef Hanusch (Hanuš) in Chotebor

Josef Hanusch b. 26. Nov 1835 in Valterice, with his secound wife Karolina nee Soucek b. 13. Nov 1863
in Velke Svatonovice. Theirs children was Albrecht b. 6. Feb 1887 in Porici (Parschnitz), Oldriska b. 4.
Mar 1889 in Chotebor and after the 1890 Census also Oldrich (Ulrich) b. 25. Aug 1892 in Chotebor.


This Hanusch family moved between 1890 and 1908 to Vienna (Wien). Albrecht immigrated 5. Jun 1902 to America and stayed there. Oldrich emigrated also to America, 13. Aug 1909. Later he moved back to Vienna and lived there until 27. Jun 1916. Oldriska lived by her parents in Vienna, until Josef died at 21. May 1909. Karolina moved allone to Prague (Praha) after 1911 and Oldriska married later in Vienna.


The first wife from my gggrandfather was Anna nee Duschek (Dušek) b. 29. Sep 1841 in Horenice (Horenitz), d. 9. Oct 1885 in Porici (Parschnitz). They had the following children: Rudolf b. 1862, Eduard b. 27. Aug 1865 in Holohlavy, d. 26. Nov 1924 in Zatec (Saaz), Emil b. 6. Feb 1868 in
Holohlavy, d. 9. Nov 1936 in Plzen, Josef b. 30. Nov 1870 in Jilove, d. 27. Oct 1946 in Chemnitz (Saxony), Reinhard Otto b. 2. May 1874 in Horka,
Horky (Falgendorf), Karl Matthaus (my ggrandfather) b. 26. Feb 1876 also in Horka, Horky, d. 17. Jun 1916 by the fight in Monfalcone (Italy).

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